Have a friend of relative involuntarily committed to NuTH0uSE
It's fast and easy. Just print and complete the Certificate of Involuntary
Commitment below. Include it in your order, indicating whether you want to
send a sample copy or a subscription. We'll include the certificate in the
issue that your victim receives, so that you get full credit for your charitable
deed. Isn't it worth a few measly minutes and bucks to show this special
someone just how much you care? Of course it is. So, take comfort in
knowing you've done the right thing. Someone had to do it. Right?
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Certificate of Involuntary Commitment
For his/her own good and the good of society,
Name: ________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________


is hereby committed to
NuTH0uSE for one or more sessions of humor therapy.
The aforementioned patient is a referral from the undersigned witness. The
undersigned, based on personal observations, hereby testifies the incoming Nutcase
displays symptoms of maladjustment that suggest a need for immediate, aggressive

Signature of friend or relative

NutH0uSE reserves the right to employ experimental techniques and accepts no liability for any misdiagnosis,
physical injury or worsening of this particular wacko's condition.
NuTH0uSE and the undersigned friend or relative
decline to comment on any rumors that leeches, thumb screws or bad puns might be used on this initiate to our fine
unlicensed institution. Enjoy your stay!