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made-to-fit tales for the maladjusted

author of Return of the Dittos
With humor as twisted as its stories' plots, Moe Howard
Died For Our Sins
takes readers on a rollicking,
hilarious ride.
Go to Hell - and see it as a tourist.
Get lured into a pie-throwing cult.
Peek backstage at the Second Coming.
Encounter talking pigs, levitating patients, militant tots
and a song-and-dance act that's its own show-stopper.
The misadventures just keep coming in these stories
snatched from
Modern Short Stories, Comic Relief,
Beyond Science Fiction & Fantasy
, The MacGuffin,
and other journals and magazines.
Part fantasy, part satire, this short story collection is
totally bent.
" ... Dale Andrew White is a natural born storyteller with an especial flair for blending
fantasy, whimsy, satire and a fevered imagination into original stories that are replete with
ribald humor and reader-engaging novelty. Subtitled 'made-to-fit tales for the maladjusted,'
this collection of short stories showcases a genuine and offbeat talent. ... Highly
recommended reading!"                         
Midwest Book Review

"Dale Andrew White is a devious writer and his new collection, Moe Howard Died For Our
, provides incriminating evidence of this. On the one hand, the flavor of his tales faintly
evokes the decayed antebellum style of Southern literature that is both lyrically humorous
and self-deprecating; the sort of thing we get in Faulkner's
Sartoris or Mark Twain's
Huckleberry Finn. .. On the other hand, this is not the satire of Ambrose Bierce or H. L.
Mencken. It is more like the kind of in-your-face semantic slapstick of a George Carlin or
Lenny Bruce. ... To open this collection is to invite trouble - and probably enjoy it. ...
Excellent!"                                Rod Clark, editor of
Rosebud, on

"Moe Howard Died For Our Sins
is a collection of humorous stories that are, at some
points, irreverently provocative and at other times just plain guffaw-able, but always a
superb display of White's fine writing style and seriously slanted sense of humor. ... White's
handling is so deft and smart that the reader's interest and amusement cascades from the
first line to the satisfying last."          
Feathered Quill Book Reviews

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